Ja 266 The Story about the Thoroughbred Horse Vātagga

In the present one young woman falls in love with a householder, and her friends bring him to her. Playing hard to get she is unreponsive to his advances, and he leaves her never to return, which leads to her pining away. The Buddha tells a similar story from the past involving an ass called Bhaddalī and a thoroughbred horse named Vātagga.

1. Yenāsi kisiyā paṇḍu yena bhattaṁ na ruccati,
Ayaṁ so āgato bhattā, kasmā dāni palāyasī ti?

That by which you grew thin, yellow, and did not take delight in food, that master, he has returned, why at this time do you run away?

In this connection, by which means by which reason your mind was bound to him.

2. Sace panādikeneva santhavo nāma jāyati,
Yaso hāyati itthīnaṁ, tasmā tāta palāyahan-ti.

If at the beginning itself what’s called intimacy arises, for women their fame is lost, therefore, my dear, I do run away.

In this connection, at the beginning means from the start, from the first.

Intimacy means there is friendly intimacy through being engaged in sexual intercourse.

For women their fame is lost, my dear, for women who have not given it importance, and from the start are intimate, their fame is lost, and their power diminishes.

3. Yasassinaṁ kule jātaṁ āgataṁ yā na icchati,
Socati cirarattāya, Vātaggam-iva Bhaddalī ti.

Not desiring to come to one born in a renowned family, she will grieve for a long time, like Bhaddalī grieved for Vātagga.

In this connection, renowned means endowed with renown.

Not desiring means whatever woman has no desire for such a man.

For a long time means for a long time, for a long period.