The Jātaka, Volume III
or, stories of the Buddha’s former births.

translated from the Pāli by various hands

under the editorship of

Professor E. B. Cowell.

Vol. III. translated by

H.T. Francis, M.A.,

Late Fellow of Gonville and Caids College.


R.A. Neil, M.A.,

Fellow of Pembroke College.


revised by

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu

November 2021


The Hon. V. Fausboll

who for more than twenty years

has shown unwearied energy in publishing

the Editio Princeps of the Pāli Jātaka

this third volume is gratefully dedicated

by the translators.


This volume [3.viii] of translation corresponds to the third volume of the text, and the translators, Mr. H. T. Francis, and Mr. R. A. Neil, have endeavoured to keep up an uniformity with the plan adopted in the two former volumes. Mr. Francis is responsible for pp. 1-150 and p. 287 to the end, Mr. Neil for pp. 151-286.

The two translators of this volume cannot allow the book to appear without expressing their gratitude to Professor Cowell for his constant help and supervision.