The Discourse about the Noble Search

[9. The Abstainer Upaka]

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Then, monks, having dwelt for as long as I liked I left on walking tour for Bārāṇasī. The Abstainer Upaka saw me, monks, going along the highway between the Bodhi tree and Gayā, and after seeing me, he said this to me:

“Your faculties, friend, are very clear, purified is your skin and bright, on account of whom, friend, did you go forth, or who is your teacher, or what Dhamma do you prefer?”

When this was said, monks, I addressed the Abstainer Upaka with verses:

“All-Conquering, All-Wise am I,
undefiled in regard to all things,
having given up everything,
liberated through the destruction of craving,
having deep knowledge myself,
who should I point to (as Teacher)?

There is no Teacher for me, no one like me is found,
there is no person equal to me in the world with its gods.
I am a Worthy One in the world, I am the Unsurpassed Teacher,
I am the One Perfect Sambuddha, cool and passionless.

I go to Kāsī’s city to set the Dhamma-Wheel rolling,
I will beat the drum of the Deathless in a world that is blind.”

“It is as if you declare, friend, you are a Worthy One, an Infinite Victor!”

“There are surely Victors like me,
who have attained the destruction of the pollutants.
I have been victorious over all wicked things,
therefore, Upaka, I am a Victor.”

When this was said, monks, the Abstainer Upaka, after saying: “It may be so, friend,” shaking his head, and taking the wrong path, went away.