The Short Readings

(Khuddakapāṭha, Khuddakanikāya 1)

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9: The Discourse on Friendliness Meditation

What should be done by one skilful in good, who has comprehended the state of peace:
he ought to be able, straight, and upright, easy to speak to, meek, without conceit,

satisfied (with little), easy to support, free from duties, and light in living,
with faculties at peace, prudent, not forward, and greedless among the families,

he should not do the slightest thing whereby others who are wise might find fault (with him).
“(May all beings) be happy and secure, may all beings in their hearts be happy!

Whatsoever breathing beings there are - trembling, firm, or any other (beings),
whether they be long or great, of middle size, short, tiny, or of compact (body),

those who are seen, and those who are unseen, those who live far away, those who are near,
those who are born, and those who still seek birth - may all beings in their hearts be happy!”

No one should cheat another, nor should he despise anyone wherever they be,
he should not long for suffering for another because of anger or resentment.

In the same way as a mother would protect her son, her only son, with her life,
so toward all beings he should develop the measureless thought (of friendliness).

Towards the whole wide world he should develop the measureless thought of friendliness,
above, below, and across (the middle), without barriers, hate, or enemy.

Standing, walking, sitting, lying, for as long as he is without torpor,
he should be resolved on this mindfulness, for this, they say here, is the (true) spiritual life.

Without going back to (wrong) views, virtuous, and endowed with (true) insight,
having removed (all) greed for sense pleasures, he will never come to lie in a womb again.

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