The Life of the Victorious Buddha

Reverence to Him, the Gracious One, the Worthy One, the Perfect Sambuddha

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Homage to the Three Treasures [vv. 1-7]

I worship the Great Seer's supreme lotus feet with my head, which give sweet Emancipation to good men, like honey gives sweetness to bees; and the sun-like Dhamma, which arose from the immoveable King of Dhamma, which now by its splendour dispels the great darkness of ignorance in the world; and the moon-like Saṅgha, with its refulgent and glorious virtue, which awakens faith in the minds of the people. I will now tell in short the life of the Victorious Buddha, which is of widespread benefit both near and far, the value of which I always remember.

To those who remember it, the excellent, rare, and safe state of Nibbāna becomes not so rare, so why speak about the acquisition of wealth? Those good people who listen, who constantly wish for that which is free from old-age and death, should enjoy my poem, which is made in lovely verses and orderly lines, which are beautiful, sweet, and pure, and bring pleasure to the ears of those who listen.