The Life of the Victorious Buddha

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Buddha Dīpaṅkara [vv. 32-45]

That Hero entered into that region, and seeing there the requisites for a sage inside an excellent leaf-hut that had been made by Sakka, the Thousand-Eyed One, put on the dress of a sage. Then, within seven days, he attained the eightfold blissful states of concentration and the five deep knowledges, and lived on there intent on meditation.

One day when the Sage, the Great Ascetic Sumedha, was flying through the air, he saw people clearing the road, and descended from the sky, and asked them: “Why are you clearing the road?”

“Do you not know, Sumedha? The Buddha Dīpaṅkara, after attaining Supreme Awakening and setting rolling the unsurpassed Dhamma Wheel, while teaching the Dhamma to the world, has come to our fair city named Delight, and is residing here in the Beautiful Monastery. We have invited that Sole Leader of the World and four hundred thousand pure monks for alms. Visionary One! We are clearing the path for his arrival.” So the people spoke, bringing pleasure to his ears.

His mind upraised with joy, that Mine of Virtue, having heard the word ‘Buddha’, was not able to restrain his emotion. Therefore the Hero begged for a small section of the road to clear, and having received an uneven spot, he began to even it out.

But before that place was prepared, the Sole Protector of the World, who is worshipped by men and gods, the Benefitter of the World, the Great Seer, entered the path along with the monks. Having seen the Realised One with his bright six-coloured halo blazing forth entering that place, he thought rejoicing: “What if I were to lie down in the mud, having made a bridge of my very self for that Hero, that Great Seer, together with his Saṅgha,” and realising that would be for his benefit and happiness for a long time, the Budding Victor Sumedha lay down.