The Life of the Victorious Buddha

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The Resolution [vv. 46-59]

The Firm One, while lying in that place, after raising his charming lotus-like eyes, and once more contemplating the Buddha Dīpaṅkara, thought thus: “If I so wished, after bringing to an end the endless battle of existence today, and becoming a novice in the Saṅgha, I could enter the excellent city of Nibbāna. But what is there for me in ordination, or in the destruction of the defilements? Like this Buddha, Complete Emancipation is best for me only after becoming a supreme Buddha myself and carrying the people across the ocean of existence with the boat of the Dhamma, and bringing them to the City of Nibbāna.” After reflecting thus he lay there in the mud radiating beautifully.

So the Hero, after seeing the pleasing and Fortunate Buddha Dīpaṅkara with his mind detached and his six-coloured rays, with his heart uplifted with joy, thus made his aspiration for Complete Awakening.

After approaching the place where the sage was lying in the mud, and seeing him making a bridge out of himself, Dīpaṅkara, the Realised One, the Hero, the World's Sole Eye, the World's Sole Bridge, stood near his head and announced: “In the future he will be a Sambuddha known by the name of Gotama,” and he spoke about his disciples, his city, and so on. Having said this, that Buddha of Lovely Virtue, together with his Saṅgha, circumbulated him, and worshipped him with eight handfuls of flowers. Having done this, the Leader of the World, together with the Saṅgha, entered into the city called Delight, which has fair pleasure gardens and dwelling places.

Sumedha, the great ascetic, having great wisdom, and controlled senses, after hearing the Buddha's pronouncement, rejoiced, arose from the mud, folded his legs crosswise, and sat down on the flower-seat, and was worshipped by the assembly of Gods with flowers and so on. Rejoicing, the Gods from the ten thousand world-systems praised the Hero who was sitting on the flower-seat.