The Life of the Victorious Buddha

Part Two: The Not-So-Distant Past [vv. 70-267]

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The Conception [vv. 70-81]

The Gods, with their hands held in reverential salutation, begged the Supreme Man, saying: “Great Champion, it's time for your Complete Awakening”. After examining the time and understanding it was indeed the time for his Awakening, he gave his promise to the assembly of Gods, and went to the Nandana Grove with them, and there he heard them say: “Having passed away from here, pass on to a good state of being.”

The Wise One passed away and in this existence arose in the beautiful city called Kapilavatthu, which was a crowded city having great horses with decorated limbs and delightfully tall lordly elephants. It had various beautiful shops rich in wares, towers adorned with a mass of flags, great houses decorated with watchtowers, lovely city gates, beautiful women's houses, a city more joyful than the Lord of the Gods' city Purindada.

He was born to King Suddhodana, who was an excellent Master of Men, a protector of those without protection, the pride of the family descended from King Okkāka, a pure dwelling place of countless virtues, whose lotus-like feet were served by bejeweled princes, as many as a swarm of bees.

The Bodhisatta, after showing himself in a dream as a beautiful, noble elephant as white as the moon, with an excellent white lotus in his lovely pure white trunk, which was like a silver chain, descended to the womb of Queen Māyā, who had very red lips, eyes like blossoming lotuses, eyebrows like delightful rainbows, a noble face like a pure and pleasing full moon, charming breasts, hands and feet which were as lovely as lotus shoots, beautiful skin and body, and was adorned with countless good qualities such as virtue and so forth.

At the moment he was conceived countless wonders arose, and afterwards he was taken care of by gods and men. Like a delightful golden image sitting in a pleasing red lotus, the golden-skinned Lord of Men sat cross-legged in his mother's womb, and like a red thread strung through a clear jewel, the Hero enlightened his mother's mind.