The Life of the Victorious Buddha

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The Ploughing Festival [vv. 129-135]

When it was time for the King's Ploughing Festival, the city was decked out like a city in Heaven, and the delighted people in their finery assembled at King Suddhodana's supreme residence. With his body adorned, at the head of the people, having taken his son, who was adorned with many adornments, like Sakka the Lord of the Gods at play, that Master of Men went to the Ploughing Festival.

Having laid the Bodhisatta at the root of a certain Rose Apple tree, which was surrounded with a glorious and charming screen, the nurses went outside to watch the Festival. While sitting on that pleasant couch at the root of that glorious, canopied Rose Apple tree, which was resplendent with golden stars and so on, taking the opportunity, the Hero attained meditative absorption.

Having seen him sitting there like a golden statue, and the Rose Apple tree's shadow standing still, the nurses said to the King: “Such is the wonderful nature of your son.” After hearing this about him whose face shone like a clear moon, and whose eyes were like lotuses, he announced: “This is the second time I pay my respects to him”, and with his head he paid his respects at his son's feet.

This and countless other wonders occurred in the world, but through fear of extending this book, I have shown only a few, and in brief.