The Life of the Victorious Buddha

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The Palaces [vv. 136-141]

In that place there were three palaces decorated with variegated jewels, having manifold lodgings with decorated canopies. They were many-storied, adorned with rows of stairs, decked out and suitable for the three seasons. There were a multitude of rays around their turrets, which in their glory put the eternal rays around the turrets of the Palaces of the Gods to shame, and as the rays of the sun illumine the lotus-groves, so these illuminated the lotus-like faces of the people.

Near the many bejeweled walls, the women ornamented their slender bodies, without the help of mirrors. There was a decorated, whitewashed rampart enclosure similar to Mount Kailash, which brought pleasure to the eyes, and moats, which always had countless lotuses, like large sapphire bracelets adorned with many treasures.

Therein the Sole Seer of the Three Worlds lived and, after attaining maturity and enjoying pleasant sensual pleasures, one day he went along the main path to play in the garden.