The Life of the Victorious Buddha

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Rājagaha [vv. 204-211]

Because of the Bodhisatta's radiance the walls and gates, which were made of sapphire rock, appeared like a golden mountain. The mass of the people having seen him, became greatly excited, and asked: “Who is this? Is it a God, a Supreme Divinity, a Devil, or a Demon?” and so forth.

Having entered the city and gathered just enough food for sustenance, looking just a yoke's distance ahead of him he went along the Royal Highway. The people were disturbed by him, just as the ocean that was churned with Mount Meru as a churning stick was disturbed.

Then having gone to Mount Paṇḍava, and sitting in its shade on a delightful piece of land, he began to eat his mixed-up and soiled food, and the Hero of Great Strength only managed to prevent himself from vomiting through the power of his reflection.

After he had eaten, King Bimbisāra approached and offered the Kingdom countless times to the Best of Men, but he refused it. Then he was begged by the King, saying: “Having become an unsurpassed Buddha, please teach me the Dhamma.”