The Life of the Victorious Buddha

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Sujātā [vv. 212-219]

The Hero gave his promise to the Ruler of Men and approached the place for his striving. After going through extraordinary difficulties, and seeing that nothing came of it, and consuming material food and drink he regained bodily strength. Then like a God he reached the root of the Goatherder's Banyan Tree. While the Brilliant One was sitting facing the East, through the radiant colour of his body, the Banyan tree became golden-coloured.

A beautiful lady named Sujātā, who was wishing for success, took a golden bowl with milk-rice on her head, thinking: “I will straight away give an offering to the excellent Spirit of the Tree who has taken up residence in this place.” Then, after seeing the Supreme Man, and thinking: “This is the Tree Spirit!”, with her heart uplifted she gave the bowl of rice to the Excellent One, and said: “Sire! In the same way as my hopes have been successful, may yours also succeed.” After saying this, the noble lady left that place.

Then that Noble Sage, took the bowl of rice and went to the bank of the river Nerañjarā, and ate that excellent food, and after his meal he cast the delightful bowl into the stream and it miraculously floated upstream.