The Life of the Victorious Buddha

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The Perfect Awakening [vv. 267-271]

The Hero of Great Strength defeated the strength of Māra, and while the sun continued to shine, he sat down on the immoveable seat. The Supreme One purified his knowledge of former existences in the first watch of the night, and the divine-eye in the middle watch, and having dived into that part of knowledge which deals with Conditional Origination in the last watch, he meditated on it in countless ways.

At the rise of dawn the lotus-eyed Perfect Sambuddha made the hundred world elements resound, awoke completely, and after becoming a Buddha, with great joy he uttered this matchless exalted utterance:

Through countless births in Saṁsāra
I have wandered without finding
The house-builder I was seeking:
Born and suffering again and again.

O house-builder, now you are seen!
You will not build the house again:
All your rafters have been broken,
And the ridgepole has been destroyed,
My mind has reached the unconditioned,
And craving's end has been achieved.

(Dhp 153-154)