The Life of the Victorious Buddha

Part Three: The Present Time [vv. 272-457]

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The Seven Weeks [vv. 272-280]

Having considered in countless ways the virtues of that seat, thinking: “I will not rise from this seat just yet,” in the first week the Teacher sat right there on that immovable seat for seven days, and attained the countless ten hundred million attainments.

Then some Divine Beings had doubts thinking: “Perhaps there is something more for the Famous Hero Siddhattha to do, therefore he does not abandon his place on the seat.” Having known their thought, and to appease that doubt, He of Peaceful Mind, the golden-skinned Light-Maker, the Protector, rose like a golden-swan ascending into the sky, and performed the Double Miracle, and with this Miracle he thus completely appeased the Divine Beings' thought.

In the second week he stood for seven days worshipping the Bodhi Tree and the Victory Seat with his unblinking lotus-eyes; in the third week he walked in that excellent walkway, which had treasures, and was resplendently beautiful; and in the fourth week the Pure One thought about the Pure Dhamma in the delightful Treasure House. In the fifth week at the root of the excellent Royal Goat-Herder's Tree he caused the spotless lotus-like faces of Māra's daughters to wither completely; then in the sixth week at the root of the Mucalinda Tree he awakened the pure lily-like thoughts of the Coiled Lord of Snakes. In the seventh week the Devout One, with a pleasing appearance, experienced the bliss of attainment at the root of the Kings' Stead Tree - and so he spent the first forty-nine days after his Awakening.