The Life of the Victorious Buddha

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King Bimbisāra [vv. 328-338]

Remembering the promise he had given to the famous King Bimbisāra - an abode of virtue who stood out in the noble line of kings - and wishing to fulfil it, he went to the garden called the Staff Wood, which was ornamented with countless trees, groves, and dancing peacocks.

King Bimbisāra, having heard of the Great Seer's coming, adorned with the ornament of joy and happiness, surrounded by his great ministers, went to that garden and beautified the hair of his head with the lotus-like feet of the Teacher. Then, while sitting, he gave to Bimbisāra the Deathless waters of the True Dhamma.

Resplendent with the great beauty sung of by Sakka the King of the Gods, the Famous One, who is honoured by Gods and Angels, went to fair Rājagaha, which was like the Lord of the Gods' city, and was led to the King's house by the King himself. Then at the end of the meal, the Best of Men, making the great Earth shake, accepted the fair Bamboo Grove Monastery, which was resplendent with full-flowering kingly trees that brought pleasure to the eyes.

The Lord of Sages, having made a fence out of his mass of pure and excellent moral practice, and raising the brilliant sceptre of concentration, while whirling about the supremely sharp and auspicious arrow of his vast Buddha-knowledge, was respected by Gods and men.

The Protector of those without protection, who was beautiful like a golden effulgence, having charming lotus-like feet, pure lotus-like eyes, delightful jasmine-like teeth, who was an ocean of precious virtues, with a gentle moon-like face, dwelt as he liked in that supreme dwelling place, which was situated in a large, pure, creeper-covered arbour, on a mass of white sand which decorated the earth, which had fragrant flowers, the perfume of which was spread about by a gentle breeze, and which was adorned with various lotus flowers in the nearby lake.