The Life of the Victorious Buddha

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King Suddhodana [vv. 374-391]

Having destroyed the great delusion, on the second day, together with the Saṅgha, he entered the supreme city and went on systematic alms-round, and in every place he stepped upon his lotus-like feet were received by the countless lotuses that sprung up. Then through the rays of light emanating from his body the city gates, watchtowers, mansions, ramparts and so on in that place became golden themselves.

The One who Makes Light for the World, the Champion, the Peaceful One, the Tamed One, the Light-Maker entered the city streets and walked for alms, and the faithful Yasodharā, while standing in her delightful palace, saw him through the latticed window, and being overcome with love, she called the noble and resplendent Rāhula, who was decorated with splendid jewels, and pointed Him out, saying: “This is your father.”

Then going to the residence of the famous Suddhodana, surrounded by countless women, and worshipping him, she said: “Your Majesty, formerly your son has walked through this city with the grace of the Lord of Gods, but now he walks for alms from house to house!” Having said that, with her wide eyes full of a great many joyful tears, she returned to her palace.

Then the Lord of all other Lords of Men, decorated like the Lord of the Gods, Sakka, trembling, having quickly gone into the vicinity of the Victor, said: “Noble Sākiya! This is not the way of your lineage! Do not roam about, do not roam about! In our lineage, Son, not even one King in former times roamed about for alms!”

The Lord of Men having spoken thus, the Lord of Sages, the Head of all Virtues, said: “Great King, that is your lineage! But my lineage is the Lineage of the Buddhas”, and so he declared his lineage to be that of the Sambuddhas; then while standing in that very place he preached the Supreme Dhamma saying:

One should rise up, one should not be heedless,
One should live the Dhamma.
He who lives by Dhamma lives happily
Both in this world and the next.

(Dhp. 168)

Then having spoken this supreme, delightful verse, which brought bliss to the ears, the Supreme One satisfied the King with a taste of the foremost insight, and then being requested by the King he went to his residence.

The Master of the Earth, satisfied with sweet rice and drinks the Supreme Man and twenty-thousand Arahats, together with the gold-like Kings, with their bright bejeweled crowns. Then, having worshipped Him with reverential salutation, he sat down in the vicinity of the Victor, and countless hundreds of the King's beautiful women went, and, with the permission of the Lord of Men, they sat down near Him.