The Life of the Victorious Buddha

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Yasodharā, Rāhula, and Nanda [vv. 392-404]

Then the Ornament of the Three Worlds, the Victor, having preached the sweet Dhamma thought: “If today I do not go to Bimbā's palace, her heart through pity might break.” Therefore the One who has Pity as his Abode took the pair of Chief Disciples Sāriputta and Moggallāna, and went to his Father's palace.

The Buddha entered the palace, and with his six-coloured halo shining forth like the sun he sat down in that place on the Buddha-seat. Queen Yasodharā, known as Bimbā, whose body was resplendent with rays of light like one powdered with realgar, whose lips were as red as the Bimba fruit, trembling like a golden creeper approached the Teacher. The touch of the Teacher's feet, like supremely cool water, extinguished the great fiery grief burning in the fuel of her heart. Then the King told the Teacher of the very many virtues of Bimbā; and the Lord of Sages related the Candakinnara Jātaka.

Seeking his inheritance, his son Prince Rāhula, wearing his glorious Prince's ornaments, while following Him, said: “To me even your shadow is pleasant”, and speaking with his lovely voice he said: “Give me my inheritance, give me my inheritance!” Having led him to the monastery, and given him the inheritance of the unsurpassed True Dhamma Treasure, the Buddha gave the going-forth ordination to the devout Rāhula.

Then these three festivals arrived for Prince Nanda: his wedding, consecration, and house-warming. The Light-Maker, just prior to the festivals, having led Nanda to the delightful and supreme Banyan Tree Grove, even without his consent, gave him the going-forth ordination.

Having left Kapilavatthu, the Fortunate Buddha-Sun spread the rays of the True Dhamma on the lotus-like people in this place and that place and later once again entered Rājagaha. The Fortunate Buddha then lived in the beautiful Cool Wood, which is crowded with beautiful flowers and trees in the nearby woods, and has a multitude of lotuses and water-lilies in its shining lakes, and many covered walkways with white sand.