The Life of the Victorious Buddha

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The Donation of Jeta's Wood [vv. 423-435]

Then Anāthapiṇḍika, the supporter of the poor and of the Protector of the World, sent a messenger to invite the Lord of Sages for the meal. The Teacher heard the message and surrounded by a great Saṅgha of monks, he departed from that place and in stages reached Sāvatthī.

Countless gloriously handsome princes took flags, like Gods, and went out from Sāvatthī and stood in front of the Teacher. Then behind them young women took charming and full water-pots, like Feminine Divinities, and in the same way went out. Likewise the merchant's wife took full bowls and went out with countless hundreds of women ornamented with hundreds of ornaments. Then the great merchant Anāthapiṇḍika together with hundreds of other great merchants came before the Leader, and the Great Champion was worshipped by them in countless ways.

Because of his delightful six-coloured halo the noble city of Sāvatthī took on a golden hue, and the Lord of Sages, the Fortunate One, the Handsome One, entered the Jeta's Wood Monastery.

Anāthapiṇḍika said: “I give this monastery to the Saṅgha of the four quarters with the Sambuddha at its head”, and having poured excellent, perfumed water from a golden jug on the Teacher's charming lotus-like hands, he donated the beautiful monastery.

After accepting that very delightful, excellent monastery, the Buddha sat down on a priceless and beautiful seat. The Lord of the Lords of Men, the Sole Leader of the Three Worlds, who brings pleasing joy to the three worlds, the Famous One, the Benefactor, the Great Seer, the Teacher, preached to that lordly merchant Sudatta by name on the great advantages of giving a monastery together with gifts to those without protection.

Except for the One of Extensive Wisdom, the Sole Protector of the Three Worlds, what man would be able to talk about the great advantages of giving a monastery even if he harnessed countless thousands of mouths?

Thus He of Extensive Fame taught the Dhamma to Anāthapiṇḍika and also rejoiced the minds of all the people, and having gone here and there, he beat the great Dhamma drum, which has a supremely sweet sound.