The Life of the Victorious Buddha

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The Rains Retreats [vv. 436-457]

So now I will show the places used for the Rains Retreat by the One who Gives Benefit to the Three Worlds, the One of Great Pity, the Supreme One in the World, whom the Gods and other Divinities always worship.

The Excellent, Victorious Buddha-Sun dwelt for the first Rains Retreat near the city of Banaras, in the Deer Grove, illuminating those who were responsive like a lotus-wood, with a multitude of rays of the True Dhamma.

The Protector dwelt for the second, third, and also the fourth Rains Retreat in the very agreeable Bamboo Wood, near the delightful and most excellent city of Rājagaha, which has streets full of shops having various treasures.

The Sage-Lion of the Sākiyas, in the fifth Rains Retreat, dwelt in the Great Wood, which was near to the very delightful city known as Vesālī, a place resplendent with the rays of the crown-jewels of many Princes.

The Buddha, the repository of endless virtues, having charming eyes like blossoming, very blue, spotless water-lilies, radiating with his radiant gold-like body, in the sixth Rains Retreat, dwelt on the great Mount Maṅkula.

Preaching the most profound, hard-to-see, sweet Dhamma to the Gods, in the seventh Rains Retreat, the incomparable, glorious Sage dwelt on the cool, large, stone throne of the Lord of Gods Sakka.

He, the Excellent Victor over Māra, the one with blossoming lotus-like feet, the abode of good conduct, in his eighth Rains Retreat, dwelt in the pleasing Bhesakalā Wood on the mountain named Crocodile Hill.

The Ornament of the Three Worlds, the Victorious Eagle, having destroyed the arrogance of a great many snake-like sectarians, who had various opinions, in the ninth Rains Retreat, dwelt in the agreeable, very fair, Silk-cotton Wood near to Kosambī.

To quieten the great dispute amongst the monks, in the tenth Rains Retreat, the Noble Sage dwelt with the noble elephant in the noble and extensive Pārileyya forest, which was strewn with flowers.

The Lord of Sages, who had immeasurable intelligence, mind-captivating eyes, pure teeth, who leads people to the ageless, deathless state of Nibbāna by means of the deathless Dhamma, in the eleventh Rains Retreat, dwelt near the noble brahmin village named Nāla.

The Omniscient Sakyan Sage, in the twelfth Rains Retreat, dwelt at the foot of a Lordly Neem tree in a monastery having delightful, fragrant flowers and fruits, which was near the charming brahmin village of Verañjā.

The Teacher of the Three Worlds, the Champion, whose face was like a blossoming lotus flower, who shone like a beautiful sun, whose abode was pity, living for the benefit of the world, in the thirteenth Rains Retreat, dwelt on the agreeable Cāliya mountain.

The Master of the Dhamma, whose delightful hands and feet were like Bandhuka flowers, devoted to the welfare of all beings - the Hero, the Sage of Great Power - in the fourteenth Rains Retreat, dwelt in the very delightful and excellent Jeta's Wood.

The Lion King of Sages, having slain the forest of elephant-like passion in his responsive relatives, in the fifteenth Rains Retreat, dwelt in the delightful Jewel Cave in Nigrodha's Monastery, on a broad mountain near Kapilavatthu.

After guiding the very harsh Demon Ālavaka to a state of discipline, while leading a great many people along the Path to Peace, in the sixteenth Rains Retreat, he dwelt near the very excellent city named Ālavaka.

The unsurpassed Great Seer, whose fame had spread throughout the three realms, in the seventeenth Rains Retreat, dwelt near the excellent Rājagaha, which delighted the eyes with its ramparts, gateways, houses, archways, and so forth.

Aṅgīrasa, having slain the terrible stain of passion in the world with the sweet, pleasurable Dhamma-medicine, in the eighteenth Rains Retreat, dwelt on Cāliya mountain.

The sweet-voiced Protector of the World, the Noble King of Dhamma, after slaying with the sword of the Dhamma the great enemy delusion in the responsive people and his kinsmen, in the nineteenth Rains Retreat, again dwelt on Cāliya mountain.

The Lord of Sages, who was an abode of purity, living for the welfare of the world, like the auspicious wish-fulfilling tree, the wish-fulfilling gem, or the excellent lucky pot, in the twentieth Rains Retreat, dwelt near the beautiful and excellent Rājagaha.

Thus the One Honoured by the Three Worlds dwelt nowhere continually; and during the first period after the Awakening, the One of Extensive Wisdom, the Sole Kinsman of the World, the Gracious One, having a beautiful body endowed with a six-coloured halo, travelled for the rest of the time.

The Sage, who delights in the progress of the world, who abides happily, for the next twenty-five Rains Retreats, dwelt near Sāvatthī, in the delightful and excellent Jeta's Wood, and in the decorated Eastern Monastery, which was like an abode of the Gods.

Thus he who has measureless pity, dwelt for forty-five years extinguishing the great fires of passion that had arisen in the forest-like minds of men with the supremely sweet Dhamma-water. May He, the Raincloud-Sage, bring peace to the world!