The Life of the Victorious Buddha

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Conclusion [vv. 458-472]

May the noble lady Wisdom, who has arisen in my mind, while pleasing all the people, increase everyday. May I, through the power of the merit that has accumulated through my writing The Life of the Victorious Buddha, attain the Tusita Heaven and while listening to the Dhamma preaching of the Protector of the World, Metteyya, enjoy with him honour and success for a long time.

And when that future Buddha is reborn in that delightful city of Ketumatī, may I, a great being, having been born with the three root conditions of generosity, kindness, and wisdom, arise in a royal lineage, and give robes, alms-food, a priceless, extensive, noble dwelling, and medicine to that Great Seer.

Then after receiving the going-forth ordination, while illuminating that unsurpassed dispensation, being endowed with supernatural powers and mindfulness, and bearing the three baskets of the scriptures well in mind, may I hear his declaration: “This man will be a Buddha in the future.”

Then may I, after giving pleasurable gifts to the various Buddhas who will arise, while travelling on in Saṁsāra, like a wish-fulfilling tree, give sweet excellent food and whatever else they long for to living beings. Then, with well-composed mind, giving flesh, blood, eyes and so on, may I fulfil all the perfections of generosity, morality, renunciation, wisdom, energy, patience, truthfulness, resolution, friendliness, and equanimity, and attaining the height of perfection, become an unsurpassed Buddha, and teach the sweet Dhamma to the people, and release the whole world, including the Gods, from the bondage of this immense Saṁsāra, and attain the noble, peaceful, safe state of Nibbāna!

* * *

This Life of the Victorious Buddha was written by the compassionate, devout elder Medhaṅkara by name, who always associates with the virtuous, while dwelling peacefully in a noble residence, resplendent with lakes, ramparts, gates, and so forth, which is named after its builder, King Vijayabāhu, who is a chief of princely lineage, who has become the ornament of Śrī Laṅkā.

Here there should be four hundred and seventy-three verses, and there will be seventeen thousand, seven hundred and sixty syllables.

The Life of the Victorious Buddha is Finished