The Way to the Beyond

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12: Bhadrāvudha's Questions

“The one who left home, the craving-cutter, the unmoved one, the enjoyment-leaver, the flood-crosser, the one who is free, the one who left off speculation, the intelligent one - him I beg, after hearing the Strong One, they will go away from here. Various people have come from the Countries, and are waiting for your saying, Heroic One, you must explain the Teaching to them properly, for this Teaching has been understood by you.” [126-127]

“You must remove all attachment to craving, above, below, and across the middle, for with whatever they are attached to in the world, with just that Māra follows a man. Therefore knowing this, the mindful monk should not be attached to anything in the world, seeing that with what is called attachment and clinging, these people are clinging to the realm of Death.” [128-129]