The Way to the Beyond

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13: Udaya's Questions

“To the meditator who sits dust-free, with duty-done, pollutant-free, who is perfect in all things, I have come in need with a question: please tell of freedom through knowledge, the breaking up of ignorance.” [130]

“The giving up of sensual desire, and of sorrow, these two, the dispelling of sloth, and constraint of worry about wrong-doing, purity through equanimity and mindfulness,Alluding to the fourth absorption (jhāna), said to have complete purity of mindfulness and equanimity (upekkhāsatipārisuddhiṁ).01 preceded by thought of impermanent things,It refers to seeing the passing away of the factors of absorption (jhānaṅgāni).02 this I call freedom through knowledge, the breaking up of ignorance.” [131-132]

“By what is the world fettered? By what does it roam about? By completely giving up what, is there that thing called Nibbāna?” [133]

“The world is fettered by enjoyment, it roams about through reflections. By completely giving up craving there is that thing called Nibbāna.” [134]

“For he who lives mindfully, how is it consciousness ceases? We have come to ask the Gracious One, therefore may we hear a word of yours.” [135]

“Without rejoicing over feeling on the inside or outside - for he who lives mindfully in this way, consciousness surely ceases.”i.e. rebirth-consciousness (paṭisandhiviññāṇaṁ).03 [136]