The Way to the Beyond

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14: Posāla's Questions

“To the one who points out the past, the unmoved one, who has cut off doubt, who is perfect in everything, I have come in need with a question: For the one in whom perception of form has ended, who, on the inside and outside is seeing: ‘There is nothing whatsoever’,This again refers to the sphere of nothingness (ākiñcaññāyatanaṁ).01 I ask about his knowledge, Sakyan, how is such a one led further?” [137-138]

“All the stations of consciousness the Realised One knows, he knows where that one stands, what he is intent on, what he is going towards. Having known the origin of nothingness, and that enjoyment is called a fetter, knowing deeply that it is so, and then having insight into this: this is real knowledge for him, for the brahmin who is accomplished.” [139-140]