Maps of Ancient Buddhist Asia

The Distribution of the Relics

The Distribution of the Relics

The map shown above is approx. 550 km from East to West and 400 km from North to South

The exact positions of Pipphalivana, Allakappa, and Veṭhadīpa are not known. One of the more interesting things this map brings out is that Sāvatthī and Bārāṇasī did not get a share of the relics, and apart from the relics that were taken to Vesālī and Rājagaha, all the others were distributed locally.

Some of the modern place names, where they differ, are given here: Kapilavatthu = Kapilavastu; Pāvā = Fazilnagar; Kusinārā = Kushinagar; Rāmagāma = Ramgram; Rājagaha = Rajgir; Vesālī = Vaishali; Rājagaha = Rajgir.

from Mahāparinibbānasuttaṁ