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Copyright Notice

Information on the copyright status of various documents published on this website.

The extracts from Wilhelm Geiger’s edition of the Mahāvaṁsa and Cūlavaṁsa are copyright Pali Text Society, Oxford (used by permission).

The extracts from G. P. Malalasekera’s edition of the Extended Mahāvaṁsa are copyright Pali Text Society, Oxford (used by permission).

Dr. Cone’s edition of Patna Dharmapada is copyright Pali Text Society, Oxford (used by permission).

The extracts from Prof. John Brough’s edition of The Gāndhārī Dharmapada are copyright Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi (used by permission).

The electronic version of Dr. Franz Bernard’s edition of Udānavarga is copyright Mrs. Sobotznik (the editor’s sister and literary heir) (used by permission).

K.R. Norman’s article on The origins of the āryā metre, is reprinted with the permission of the editor Prof. David Kalupahana from Buddhist Philosophy and Culture (Essays in honour of N.A. Jayawickrema).

Franklin Edgerton’s article on Meter, Phonology, and Orthography in Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit, is reprinted with permission of American Oriental Society.

A.K. Warder’s article on Pāli Meter, from Introduction to Pali is reprinted with permission from the author.

* * *

The copyright has lapsed on the following documents are they are now in the public domain:

Buddhacarita, edited and translated by E.B. Cowell
Mahāvastu, edited by E. Senart
Śrī Piṅgala’s Chandas Śāstra, edited by Paṇḍit Kedāranāth
Śrutabodha by Śrīmat Kālidāsa, edited by Vāsudev Laxmaṇ Shāstrī Paṇśīkar
Dāṭhāvaṁsa, edited by T.W. Rhys-Davids and R. Morris

The copyright has lapsed on the following articles are they are also now in the public domain:

A.A. Macdonell on Vedic Metre
Charles Duroiselle on Medieval Pali Prosody
A.A. Macdonell on Metre in Classical Sanskrit
M. Winternitz on Indian Prosodic Literature
E.V. Arnold extract from Vedic Metre in its Historical Development
A. B. Keith on The Metre Of The Bṛhaddevatā
J.H. Moore giving a Metrical Analysis of the Pāli Iti-vuttaka

* * *

The databases of the Pāḷi texts of the following documents were originally prepared by the Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project, and were released under the terms of the GNU licence, and remain in the public domain (which licence was originally intended is not clear, as it seems to have never been stated, but it seems reasonable to think that the GNU Free Documentation License would cover it).

Under the terms of the licence all derived works are also in the public domain, and that includes all the documents on this website whose databases were originally prepared by the Project, and which are listed here:

BJT Khuddakapāṭhapāḷi
New Khuddakapāṭha
BJT Dhammapadapāḷi
New Dhammapada
BJT Udānapāḷi
BJT Itivuttakapāḷi
BJT Bhikkhupātimokkhapāḷi
Pārāyanavagga - A Critical Edition

and the Pāḷi text sections of the following works (for the translation section see below):

Udāna - Exalted Utterances
Safeguard Recitals

* * *

everything except for those works covered in the listings above, including the introductions, translations, studies, and notes accompanying most of these works are subject to the following licence:

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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