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Links to other Websites and Resources

Links to various resources for the study of Buddhism, inclduing texts, scholarly articles, dictionaries, notable websites and forums, etc.


Canonical Texts (Original Languages)

Sri Lankan Buddha Jayantī Tripiṭaka Granthamālā Edition (Pāḷi, Image Files)

Burmese Chaṭṭha Saṅgāyana Edition (Pāḷi)

Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon

Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association

Asian Classics Input Project (Tibetan)

Sutta Central Correspondence Project (Pāḷi, Prākṛt, Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan)

Gottingen Register of Electronic Texts in Indian Languages

Audio Tipitaka (Readings in Pāḷi and English)

Pali Audio (Readings in English)



Journal of Buddhist Ethics

Journal of Global Buddhism

Resources for Learning Pali

Digital Library & Museum of Buddhist Studies

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies



The Pali Text Society’s Pali-English Dictionary

Critical Pali Dictionary

English-Pali, Pali-English Dictionary

Nyanatiloka’s Buddhist Dictionary

Bhante Dhammika: Buddhism A-Z

Malalasekera’s Dictionary of Pāli Proper Names

Monier Williams’ Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Macdonell’s A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary

English-Sanskrit, Sanskrit-English Dictionary


Popular Buddhist Websites

Access to Insight

Buddhanet (English)

Beyond the Net

Dhamma Talks & Writings of Thanissaro Bhikkhu


Forums, Blogs, etc.

Dhamma Wheel A Buddhist discussion forum on the Dhamma of the Theravāda

Dharma Wheel A Buddhist discussion forum on the Dharma of the Mahāyāna and Vajrayāna

Dhamma Wiki A Buddhist encyclopedia run by Dr. David N. Snyder, having over 10,000 articles

Wisdom through Mindfulness, Dr. Piyal Walpola

Theravada Practice Blog

Jayarava’s Raves


Materials in other Languages
copied from Access to Insight, the original page having now been withdrawn.


Chinese (Traditional & Simplified)

The Wings to Awakening: Readings in Theravadan Buddhism in Chinese Translation
(Lau, Sinh-Lam) is a Chinese website (both in Simplified and Traditional Fonts) dedicated to the study and practice of Theravada Buddhist Teachings.


Prátelé Dhammy ("Friends of Dhamma")
has an extensive library of readings in Czech from the Thai Forest traditions and the Pali canon.


Sleutel tot Inzicht ("Key to Insight")
(Peter van Loosbroek)


Accès au Canon Pali
(Michel Proulx) mirrors the sutta collection of Access to Insight in English, and offers a growing number of French translations of suttas and other texts.

La Parole du Bouddha
(Remy Zins)


Tipitaka, der Pali Kanon des Theravada-Buddhismus
offers a nearly complete collection of German translations from all five Nikayas, plus extensive excerpts from the Vinaya and Abhidhamma Pitakas.

offers German translations of articles by Ajaan Chah, Ajaan Suwat, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Bhikkhu Bodhi, and Ayya Khema.


A Buddha Ujja ("The Finger of the Buddha")
(Nyitrai Gábor) offers a large collection of Pali suttas in Hungarian, articles and videos by and about major teachers from the Thai forest traditions.


Dhamma Citta: Tipitaka-Kanon Pali


Canone Pali: le parole del Buddha
(Enzo Alfano)


Acesso ao Insight: Leituras do Budismo Theravada
(Michael Beisert) offers an extensive collection of Pali suttas, articles by major teachers from the Thai forest traditions, and much more — all translated into Portuguese.


Koleso Dhammy ("Wheel of Dhamma")


Pali Kanon
(Branislav Kovačević) offers a good selection of suttas and other passages from the Pali canon.


Aathaapi: Pure Theravada Buddhism Exposed according to The Original Pali Canon
The complete Buddha Jayanthi Tipitaka in Sinhalese script (Pali and translation) in PDF format.

The Tipitaka
(Russia) offers Sinhala translations of large portions of the Vinaya and Sutta Pitakas.


Centro Mexicano del Buddhismo Theravada A.C.
offers an extensive collection of Spanish language texts.


(Kerstin Jönhagen) offers Swedish translations of about 30 suttas.


BuddhaSasana: Vietnamese Buddhist Page
(Binh Anson) offers the entire Vietnamese translation of the Tipitaka and is regularly revised and corrected for any errors.

Bilingual Pali - Vietnamese Tipitaka Project
translation of the authentic teachings of the Buddha, presenting the Sinhala Pāḷi texts in Roman script together with a Vietnamese translation.


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