Simple Buddhist-Christian Era Conversion Form

According to the traditional dating the Buddha was born in 624 BC, attained Awakening 35 years later in 589 BC and entered Paribbāna in 544 BC. It is from the latter date that we take the Buddhist Era (Thailand, Cambodia and Laos date it as year 0 or BC 543, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India as year 1 or BC 544).

Most scholars now think that the actual dates should be set approx. 100 years later (there is much difference in opinion), but the dates in any case should not be taken as hard and fast, but rather as agreed times for the purposes of celebrations, etc.

Christians may not realise that the same situation applies to Christ as there was a miscalculation in the early Church and it is now believed Jesus was born between 2 and 7 years before Christ :)

Christian Date
Buddhist Date