[XII. Faith in Various Districts]

[More Missions]
33-47 = Mhv 29-43

Gantvā Mahādevatthero, desaṁ Mahisamaṇḍalaṁ,
The Elder Mahādeva, having gone to the district of Mahisamaṇḍala,

suttantaṁ Devadūtaṁ so Mhv: taṁ.01 kathesi janam-ajjhago. [33]
preached the Discourse on the Divine Messengers MN 130. Another simile, this time about the signs of sickness, old age and death, which one heedless ignores.02 in the midst of the people.

Cattālīsasahassāni Text: Cattālīsa- here, Cattāḷīsa- below. The text varies, here I have preferred to write Cattālīsa- each time.03 Dhammacakkhuṁ visodhayuṁ,
Forty thousand (people) purified the Dhamma-Eye, I.e. they attained path and fruit.04

cattālīsasahassāni pabbajiṁsu ca santike. Mhv: tad-antike; same meaning.05 [34]
and forty thousand (people) went forth in his presence.

* * *

Gantvāna Rakkhitatthero Vanavāsiṁ, nabhe ṭhito,
The Elder Rakkhita, having gone to Vanavāsī, while standing in the sky,

Saṁyuttaṁ Anamataggaṁ kathesi janam-ajjhago. [35]
preached the Thematic Discourses on the Unknown Beginning SN 15. Similes about the extreme length of Saṁsāra.01 in the midst of the people.

Saṭṭhinarasahassānaṁ Dhammābhisamayo ahu,
For sixty-thousand (people) there was a penetration of the Dhamma,

sattatisahassamattā Mhv: sattatiṁsasahassamattā; same meaning.02 pabbajiṁsu tad-antike. [36]
around thirty-seven thousand went forth in his presence.

Vihārānaṁ Text: vihārañ-ca, but plural is required.03 pañcasataṁ tasmiṁ dese patiṭṭhahi,
Five hundred monastic dwelling places were established in this district,

patiṭṭhāpesi tatthevaṁ Thero so Jinasāsanaṁ. [37]
and the Elder established the Dispensation of the Victor Another epithet for the Buddha.04 in that place.

* * *

Gantvā 'parantakaṁ Thero Yonako Dhammarakkhito,
The Ionian Elder Dhammarakkhita, having gone to Aparantikā,

Aggikkhandhopamaṁ Suttaṁ kathesi Mhv: kathetvā; having preached.01 janam-ajjhago, [38]
preached the Discourse on the Simile of the Mass of Fire AN Bk. 7 Sut. 68, on the preference of embracing fire over embracing a woman.02 in the midst of the people,

sattatiṁsasahassāni pāṇe tattha samāgame Mhv: samāgate; same meaning.03
and thirty-seven thousand breathing beings who had assembled together there

Dhammāmataṁ apāyesi Dhammādhammesu kovido. [39]
tasted Lit. drank.04 the Deathless Dhamma of the one skilled in what was Dhamma and not Dhamma.

Purisānaṁ sahassañ-ca Mhv: sahassā ca.05 itthiyo ca tatodhikā
A thousand of men and even more women than that

Khattiyānaṁ kulā yeva, nikkhamitvāna pabbajuṁ. [40]
from the Noble families, having renounced (the world), went forth.

* * *

Mahāraṭṭhaṁ Isī gantvā so Mahādhammarakkhito,
The Seer Mahādhammarakkhita, having gone to Mahāraṭṭha,

Mahānāradakassapavhaṁ01Jātakaṁ Text: Mahānāradakassapajātakaṁ, which leaves the line short by one syllable. Mhv: Mahānāradakassapavhaṁ Jātakaṁ.02 kathayī tahiṁ. [41]
preached the Birth Story called Mahānāradakassapa Jā 544. On Heaven and Hell.03 in that place.

Maggaphalaṁ pāpuṇiṁsu caturāsītisahassakā,
Eighty-four thousand (people) attained Path and Fruit,

terasan-tu sahassāni pabbajiṁsu ca santike. Mhv: tad-antike; same meaning.04 [42]
but thirteen thousand (people) went forth in his presence.

* * *

Gantvā Yonakavisayaṁ Mhv: Gantvāna Yonavisayaṁ; same meaning.01 so Mahārakkhito Isi,
The Seer Mahārakkhita, having gone to the locality of the Ionians, This was probably not Ionia itself, but where the Greeks were still stationed on the edge of India, possibly around what is now Pakistan, following the campaigns of Alexandria the Great.02

Kālakārāmasuttantaṁ kathesi janam-ajjhago, [43]
preached the Kālakārāma Discourse AN Bk. 4 Sut. 24. On the lack of conceit in the Buddha in regard to sense objects.03 in the midst of the people,

pāṇasatasahassāni sahassāni ca sattati
and one hundred thousand and seventy thousand breathing beings

Maggaphalaṁ pāpuṇiṁsu, dasasahassāni pabbajuṁ. [44]
attained Path and Fruit, and ten thousand went forth.

* * *

Gantvā catūhi Therehi desesi Majjhimo Isi
The Seer Majjhima, together with four Elders, According to the Dīpavaṁsa the companions were named Kassapagotta, Durāsada (= Dundhubhissara in MhvṬ), Sahadeva and Mūlakadeva, though these names are given in different forms elsewhere.01 having gone

Himavantapadesasmiṁ Dhammacakkappavattanaṁ, [45]
into the Himālaya district Set Rolling the Dhamma Wheel, A play on words, the Dhammacakkappavattana, which was the First Discourse of the Buddha, is found at SN 56.11.02

Maggaphalaṁ pāpuṇiṁsu asītipāṇakoṭiyo.
and eight-hundred million breathing beings attained Path and Fruit.

Visuṁ te pañca raṭṭhāni pañca Therā pasādayuṁ, [46]
Separately these five Elders brought faith to five countries,

purisā satasahassāni ekekasseva santike
and a hundred thousand men in the presence of each (of the Elders)

pabbajiṁsu, pasādena Sammāsambuddhasāsane. [47]
went forth, That means, I believe, a hundred thousand went forth in the presence of each of the Elders.03 having faith in the Dispensation of the Perfectly Awakened One.