Section Index

1: Virtue

One should be Amenable to Admonition

True Cultivation

The Six Gateways to Benefit

Eight things Leading to prosperity

Four Ways to spend one’s Wealth

A Wise Man’s Duties

The Right Uses of Wealth

The Wise attain Fame

Four Things not to be Done

2: Wickedness

Six Faults

Various Dangers

Ten Things that should be Done

3: Dhamma

Four Things to Cultivate

Four Well-Said Verses

Merits follow one to the Next World

The Priority of Truth

Truth and Untruth have Different Results

The Purification of Mortals

The Path to Heaven

Four Things leading to Success

Three Things leading to Success

Wise Discrimination

The Gift of Fearlessness

The Provenance of the Buddhas

4: Good

True Goodness

Renouncing the Lesser Good for the Greater

The Greatest Things

Four Great Things

The Rare Things

Four More Good Things

Overcoming Defilements with their Opposites

The Dhamma Surpasses All

Various Reciprical Duties

The Great Defilements

Three Roots of Evil

The Long Journey in Saṁsāra

Profiting in Neither Way

5: Advantages

Seizing the Advantage

Not all Growth is Advantageous

A Cheat is Cheated in Return

Keeping Quiet

More than Gentle Persuasion is Sometimes Necessary

A Limit to One’s Duties

The Necessity for Effort

When Faculties Wane

Craving brings Suffering


A Name is Just a Name

The Impermanence of Desire

Lack of Insight

Comparing Oneself with Others

The Desire for Happiness

Virtue and Learning

6: Friends

Loyalty gets its Reward

Friendship knows no Boundaries

Gratefulness to Friends

The True Friend

The True Friend

The 16 Qualities of Foes and Friends

Friends, Bad and Good

The True Friend

True Friends

Four True Friends

7: Treachery

Gratefulness and Moderation

Ungratefulness gets its Just Desserts

Not Deceiving One’s Friends

Prudence in Giving

Overstaying One’s Welcome

8: Words

Not Listening to Divisive Speech

Reconciliation and Responsibility

Friendship is more Valuable than Wealth

Who to Keep Company With

True Friends

Deeds not Words Measure a Friend

The Consequences of Listening to Slander

9: Gratefulness

Faithfulness in Friendship

Faithfulness in Friendship

Understanding Consequences

Qualities Esteemed in the World

The Qualities of a Good Person

Greed brings Dire Consequences

The Power of Truth

The Power of Truth

Unexpected Consequences

The Reward for Good Actions

Deeds are Seeds

The Reciprocity of Deeds

Remembering Service Rendered

Who to Follow?

Abandoning an Ingrate

10: Association 1

Discrimination in whom to Follow

Choosing Friends Carefully

Intimacy with the Wicked and the Righteous

Consorting with the Wicked


Appearance is not All

Deceitful Appearances

11: Association 2

According to Upbringing

Seeing Noble Ones

The Benefits of Associating with the Virtuous

Wander with the Wise or Wander Alone

No Friendship with Fools

12: Trust

Faith at First Sight

The Danger of Being too Trusting

Do not Trust the Untrustworthy

The Trustworthy one

Keeping a Secret

The Result of too Much Begging

13: Begging

Begging brings Tears

Silent Begging

Asking the Right Person at the Right Time

14: Blame

The Eight Worldly Things



Unshaken by Pleasure and Pain

The Wise do not Tremble

Transient Wealth

Understanding Nature one Grieves Not

15: Deeds

The Revolution of Deeds

Offending the Inoffensive

The Fruit of Unjust Punishment

Do not Despise Wickedness

The Ripening of Wickedness

Deeds do not Ripen at Once

Avoiding Wickedness

Experiencing the Results of Deeds

The Result of not Keeping the Precepts

Rejoicing Here and Hereafter

Holding Oneself Dear

Fortune and Misfortune

Consequences of Indulgence and Duty

Protecting Life First

Good is hard to Do

The Good Easily Do Good

16: Effort

Never give up Hope

Wrong-Doing and the Well-done

The Need to Act Today

Shunning the Indolent

Doing one’s Duties on Time

He who Does his Duty

Taking one’s Opportunity

Rags to Riches

Fortune sides with the Meritorious

Acting without Consideration

Inconsiderate and Considerate Action

17: Wealth

The Wise do not Panic

Keeping to one’s own Habitat

Knowing one’s Strengths

Acting at the Right Time and Speed


Protecting Good Fortune

Wrong Means

Arrogance is a Give-Away

The Reward of Using Wealth Wisely

Wealth that goes to Waste

Seven True Treasures

18: Dwelling

Live not with Enemies

Wise Discrimination

Non-Attachment to Home

Having Forbearance when Unknown

The Strength of Being on Home Grounds


Excess leads to Loss

Knowing Proper Limits

19: Speech


Correct and Timely Speech

The Dangers of Wrong Speech

The Qualities of Good Speech

Speaking Kindly

Truth is the Sweetest Thing

Truth is Immortal

Only Promise what can be Done

Keeping One’s Promises

The Results of Lying

The Liar is capable of all Wrong-Doing

20: Faults

The Buddha has no Faults

A Small Wickedness appears Great to the Pure of Heart

Seeing one’s own Faults

The Fate of a Fault-Finder

Looking to one’s own Deeds

Patience with Rough Speech

The Strength of Patience

21: Desires

The Result of Greed

Wisdom is the only Cure for Greed

Craving brings on Grief and Fear

Desires are never Satisfied

The Snare of Taste

Confidence is the Taste Supreme

Knowing the Measure

Neither Grieving nor Yearning

22: Anger

Burning Away Anger

Anger Burns

The Dangers of Anger

Quarreling leads to Loss

The Truly Happy One

The Benefits of Friendliness

Hatred overcome by Love

No Happiness through Hatred

Comparing Oneself with Others

The Results of Unity and Division

23: Fools

Fools cannot Learn

The Fool who knows he’s a Fool

Learning only hurts a Fool

Fame brings the Unintelligent to Ruin

Good done by the Fool causes Ruin

Fools do more Bad than Good

Never Seeing a Fool is Best

The Truly Wise Man

Fools are Noisy

Wisdom brings Respect

Wisdom is Best say the Good

24: Mind

The Authority of the Mind

The Dangers of a Badly-Directed Mind

The Benefits of a Well-Directed Mind

An Unagitated Mind sees Clearly

The Unwavering Mind is Free from Pain

The Fruit of Careful Thought

True Godliness


A Follower of the Path

Those who are Not Good

The Four Great Powers

Craft brings Reward

25: Women

Good Training

The Gods visit the Virtuous

Wives and Husbands

A Wife’s Duties

The Seven Types of Wife

Four Types of Couples

The Ideal Householder

26: Children

Respect for Mother and Father

The Three Types of Children

Good Children

The Elder Brother’s Burden

27: Advice

Friendship with the Wise

Truth knows no Caste

Welcoming Correction

The Good like those who Advise

Following Good Advice

Heeding Good Advice

Giving Advice Carefully

Practicing before Teaching

Paying Homage to Elders

People follow their Leaders

Enquiring before Punishment

28: Heedful

The Power of Wisdom

Four Deserving Respect

One Who Gives is Held Dear

Selfishness and Selflessness

A Person is made by Deeds

The Heedful are Happy in both Worlds

The Heedful attain the Deathless