Evening Paritta Chants, Day One

Samantā cakkavāḷesu atrāgacchantu devatā
May the gods from all over the universe assemble here

saddhammaṁ Munirājassa suṇantu saggamokkhadaṁ:
and listen to the King of the Sage’s true Dhamma about heaven and release:

Dhammassavanakālo ayaṁ bhadantā! (3x)
Reverend Sirs, this is the time for hearing the Dhamma!

Namo tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammāsambuddhassa (3x)
Reverence to him, the Gracious One, the Worthy One, the Perfect Sambuddha


Ye santā santacittā, tisaraṇasaraṇā, ettha lokantare vā,
Those (gods) who are peaceful, with peaceful minds, who have taken refuge in the triple refuge, whether here, or above the worlds,

bhummā bhummā ca devā, guṇagaṇagahaṇā, byāvaṭā sabbakālaṁ,
the various earth gods, that group who have taken up, and are engaged in, virtuous deeds all of the time,

ete āyantu devā, varakanakamaye, Merurāje vasanto,
may these gods come, those who dwell on the majestic Mt. Meru, that excellent golden mountain,

santo santo sahetuṁ Munivaravacanaṁ sotumaggaṁ samaggaṁ.
peacefully, and with good reason, (to hear) the Sage’s excellent word about entering the stream, and harmony.


Sabbesu cakkavāḷesu yakkhā devā ca brahmano,
May all yakkhas, gods, and deities, from the whole universe,

Yaṁ amhehi kataṁ puññaṁ sabbasampattisādhukaṁ
° After partaking of the merits, and of all the thoroughly good fortune

Sabbe taṁ anumoditvā samaggā sāsane ratā,
We have acquired, being in harmony, and delighting in the teaching,

Pamādarahitā hontu ārakkhāsu visesato.
Be not heedless and grant us complete protection.


Sāsanassa ca lokassa vuḍḍhī bhavatu sabbadā,
May the teaching and the world be on the increase every day,

Sāsanam-pi ca lokañ-ca devā rakkhantu sabbadā.
And may the gods every day protect the teaching and the world.

Saddhiṁ hontu sukhī sabbe parivārehi attano,
° May you, and all those who are around you, together with

Anīghā sumanā hontu, saha sabbehi ñātibhi.
All your relatives, be untroubled, happy, and easy in mind.


Rājato vā, corato vā, manussato vā, amanussato vā,
(May you be protected) from the king, thieves, humans, and non-humans,

aggito vā, udakato vā, pisācato vā, khāṇukato vā, kaṇṭakato vā,
from fire and water, demons, stumps, and thorns,

nakkhattato vā, janapadarogato vā,
from unlucky stars, and epidemics,

asaddhammato vā, asandiṭṭhito vā, asappurisato vā,
from what is not the true dhamma, not right view, not a good person,

and from fierce elephants, horses, antelopes, bulls, dogs, snakes, scorpions, poisonous serpents,

panthers, bears, hyenas, wild boars, buffaloes, yakkhas, rakkhasas, and so on,

nānā bhayato vā, nānā rogato vā, nānā upaddavato vā, ārakkhaṁ gaṇhantu!
from the manifold fears, the manifold diseases, the manifold calamities, (from all of these troubles) may you receive protection!


The Discourse on the Blessings

Introductory Verses

Yaṁ maṅgalaṁ dvādasahi cintayiṁsu sadevakā,
What a blessing is was thought about by gods and men for twelve (years),

sotthānaṁ nādhigacchanti; aṭṭhatiṁsañ-ca maṅgalaṁ
but they did not attain (true) safety; the thirty-eight blessings

desitaṁ devadevena sabbapāpavināsanaṁ.
which were preached by the god of gods make all that is bad perish.

Sabbalokahitatthāya maṅgalaṁ parittaṁ taṁ bhaṇāmahe.
For the whole world’s benefit and welfare we will recite that blessed safeguard.

The Safeguard

Evaṁ me sutaṁ:
Thus I have heard:

ekaṁ samayaṁ Bhagavā Sāvatthiyaṁ viharati
at one time the Gracious One was dwelling near Sāvatthi

Jetavane Anāthapiṇḍikassa ārāme.
at Anāthapiṇḍika’s grounds in Jeta’s Wood.

Atha kho aññatarā devatā abhikkantāya rattiyā,
Then a certain god, towards the end of the night,

abhikkantavaṇṇā kevalakappaṁ Jetavanaṁ obhāsetvā,
having lit up the whole of Jeta’s Wood with his surpassing beauty,

yena Bhagavā tenupasaṅkami,
approached the Gracious One,

upasaṅkamitvā Bhagavantaṁ abhivādetvā, ekam-antaṁ aṭṭhāsi.
and after approaching and worshipping the Gracious One, he stood on one side.

Ekam-antaṁ ṭhitā kho sā devatā Bhagavantaṁ gāthāya ajjhabhāsi:
While standing on one side that god addressed the Gracious One with a verse:

“Bahū devā manussā ca maṅgalāni acintayuṁ
“Many are the gods and the men who have thought about the blessings

ākaṅkhamānā sotthānaṁ: brūhi maṅgalam-uttamaṁ.”
hoping for safety: now please say what is the supreme blessing.” [1]

“Asevanā ca bālānaṁ, paṇḍitānañ-ca sevanā,
“Not associating with fools, but associating with the wise,

pūjā ca pūjanīyānaṁ: etaṁ maṅgalam-uttamaṁ.
honouring those worthy of honour: this is the supreme blessing. [2]

Patirūpadesavāso ca, pubbe ca katapuññatā,
Living in a suitable place, formerly having done good deeds,

attasammāpaṇidhi ca: etaṁ maṅgalam-uttamaṁ.
aspiring in a right way oneself: this is the supreme blessing. [3]

Bāhusaccañ-ca sippañ-ca, vinayo ca susikkhito,
Having great learning and craft, and being disciplined and well trained,

subhāsitā ca yā vācā: etaṁ maṅgalam-uttamaṁ.
and whatever words are well spoken: this is the supreme blessing. [4]

Mātāpitu-upaṭṭhānaṁ, puttadārassa saṅgaho,
Attendance on one’s mother and father, looking after one’s wife and children,

anākulā ca kammantā: etaṁ maṅgalam-uttamaṁ.
with works that are not agitating: this is the supreme blessing. [5]

Dānañ-ca Dhammacariyā ca, ñātakānañ-ca saṅgaho,
Giving, and living by the Dhamma, and looking after one’s relatives,

anavajjāni kammāni: etaṁ maṅgalam-uttamaṁ.
(performing) actions that are blameless: this is the supreme blessing. [6]

Ārati virati pāpā, majjapānā ca saṁyamo,
Abstinence, avoidance of bad deeds, restraint from intoxicating drink,

appamādo ca dhammesu: etaṁ maṅgalam-uttamaṁ.
being heedful regarding (all) things: this is the supreme blessing. [7]

Gāravo ca nivāto ca, santuṭṭhī ca kataññutā,
Having respect, being humble, being satisfied and grateful,

kālena Dhammassavaṇaṁ: etaṁ maṅgalam-uttamaṁ.
listening to Dhamma at the right time: this is the supreme blessing. [8]

Khantī ca sovacassatā, samaṇānañ-ca dassanaṁ,
Being patient and easily spoken to, seeing ascetics,

kālena Dhammasākacchā: etaṁ maṅgalam-uttamaṁ.
discussing Dhamma at the right time: this is the supreme blessing. [9]

Tapo ca brahmacariyañ-ca, ariyasaccānadassanaṁ,
Austere, living spiritually, insight into the noble truths,

nibbānasacchikiriyā ca: etaṁ maṅgalam-uttamaṁ.
the experience of Nibbāna: this is the supreme blessing. [10]

Phuṭṭhassa lokadhammehi, cittaṁ yassa na kampati,
He whose mind does not waver, when it is touched by things of this world,

asokaṁ virajaṁ khemaṁ: etaṁ maṅgalam-uttamaṁ.
(being) griefless, dustless, and secure: this is the supreme blessing. [11]

Etādisāni katvāna, sabbattha-m-aparājitā,
Having done as here directed, they are undefeated everywhere,

sabbattha sotthiṁ gacchanti: taṁ tesaṁ maṅgalam-uttamaṁ.”
they go everywhere in safety: for them this is the supreme blessing.” [12]

Maṅgalasuttaṁ Niṭṭhitaṁ
The Discourse on the Blessings is Finished


Bhavatu sabbamaṅgalaṁ, rakkhantu sabbadevatā,
May there be every blessing, and may all of the gods protect you,

sabba-Buddhānubhāvena sadā sukhī bhavantu te!
by the power of all the Buddhas may you be well forever!

Bhavatu sabbamaṅgalaṁ, rakkhantu sabbadevatā,
May there be every blessing, and may all of the gods protect you,

sabba-Dhammānubhāvena sadā sukhī bhavantu te!
by the power of all that is Dhamma may you be well forever!

Bhavatu sabbamaṅgalaṁ, rakkhantu sabbadevatā,
May there be every blessing, and may all of the gods protect you,

sabba-Saṅghānubhāvena sadā sukhī bhavantu te!
by the power of the whole Sangha may you be well forever!