The Life of the Victorious Buddha

[The Story of the Complete Awakening]


evaṁ mārabalaṁ dhīro viddhaṁsetvā mahabbalo
ādicce dharamāne va nisinno acalāsane [267]

Evaṁ Mahā-Balo Dhīro Māra-balaṁ viddhaṁsetvā, ādicce dharamāne va, acala-āsane nisinno.

The Hero of Great Strength, having defeated the strength of Māra in this way, while the sun continued (to shine), sat down on the immoveable seat.


yāmasmiṁ paṭhame pubbenivāsaṁ ñāṇam-uttamo
visodhetvāna yāmasmiṁ majjhime dibbalocanaṁ [268]

Uttamo, paṭhame yāmasmiṁ pubbe-nivāsaṁ ñāṇaṁ, majjhime yāmasmiṁ dibba-locanaṁ visodhetvāna,

The Supreme One, after purifying his knowledge of former existences in the first watch, and the divine-eye in the middle watch,


so paṭiccasamuppāde atha pacchimayāmake
otāretvāna ñāṇaṁsaṁ sammasanto anekadhā [269]

Paṭicca-Samuppāde pacchima-yāmake ñāṇa-aṁsaṁ otāretvāna, atha so anekadhā sammasanto.

and having dived into that part of knowledge (which deals with) Causal Origination in the last watch, meditated on it in countless ways.


lokadhātusataṁ sammā unnādetvāruṇodaye
buddho hutvāna sambuddho sambuddhambujalocano [270]

aruṇa-udaye loka-dhātu-sataṁ sammā unnādetvā, Sambuddha-ambuja-locano sambuddho Buddho hutvāna,

At the rise of dawn, after making it resound throughout the hundred world elements, the lotus-eyed Perfect Sambuddha, awoke completely, and after becoming a Buddha,


anekajātisaṁsāraṁ sandhāvissan-ti ādinā
udānedaṁ udānesi pītivegenasādiso [271]

“Aneka-jāti-Saṁsāraṁ sandhāvissan...”-ti ādinā pīti-vegena asādiso idaṁ udānaṁ udānesi.

with great joy he uttered this matchless exalted utterance: “Through countless births in Saṁsāra I have wandered...” and so on.