[III. The Miracles at Uruvelā]

22. Paṭhamaṁ Pāṭihāriyaṁ
22. The First Miracle This is the same story told again, but in verse. Comm: Nerañjarāyaṁ Bhagavā ti-ādikā gāthāyo pacchā pakkhittā; near the (river) Nerañjarā the Gracious One, etc. (these) verses were placed here later.01
(The Dragon-King - Verse)

Nerañjarāya Bhagavā Uruvelakassapaṁ jaṭilam-avoca:
Near the (river) Nerañjarā the Gracious One said this to Uruvelakassapa:

“Sace te Kassapa agaru viharemu ajjuṇhŏ aggisaraṇamhī.” ti
“If it is not troublesome to you, Kassapa, we would live for this moonlight night in the fire shelter.”

“Na kho me Mahāsamaṇa garu phāsukāmo ca taṁ nivāremi,
“It is not troublesome to me, Great Ascetic, but seeking your comfort I (would) prevent you,

Caṇḍettha Nāgarājā iddhimā āsīviso ghoraviso so taṁ mā viheṭhesī” ti
(For) there is a fierce, venomous, poisonous, Dragon-King here, having psychic power - he should not (be allowed to) harass you!”

“Appeva maṁ na viheṭheyya iṅgha tvaṁ Kassapa anujānāhi agyāgāran”.-ti
“It is all right, he will not harass me, come now, Kassapa, allow me the sacrificial firehouse.”

“Dinnan”-ti naṁ viditvā abhīto pāvisi bhayam-atīto.
Having understood that “(permission is) given”, not daunted he entered, unafraid.

Disvā isiṁ paviṭṭhaṁ Ahināgo dummano padhūpāsi.
Having seen the Seer enter, the Snake-Dragon, depressed, belched out smoke.

Sumanamanaso adhimano Manussanāgo pi tattha padhūpāsi.
With intent and gladdened mind the Human-Dragon also belched out smoke right there.

Makkhañ-ca asahamāno Ahināgo pāvako va pajjali.
Unbearably angry, the Snake-Dragon blazed forth like fire.

Tejodhātusu kusalo Manussanāgo pi tattha pajjali,
Skilled in the fire-element, the Human-Dragon also blazed forth right there,

Ubhinnaṁ sajotibhūtānaṁ agyāgāraṁ udiccare jaṭilā:
They both burned so brightly that the yogis surveying the sacrificial firehouse, (said):

“Abhirūpo vata bho Mahāsamaṇo Nāgena viheṭhiyatī” ti bhaṇanti.
“The Great Ascetic is surely intelligent, but he is harassed by the Dragon.”

Atha rattiyā accayena, hatā Nāgassa acciyo honti,
With the passing of the night, the Dragon's flames were destroyed,

Iddhimato pana ṭhitā anekavaṇṇā acciyo honti.
But the multi-coloured flames of the One of Psychic Power remained.

Nīlā atha lohitakā mañjeṭṭhā pītakā phalikavaṇṇāyo
Then there were blue, red, crimson, yellow, and quartz-coloured

Aṅgīrasassa kāye anekavaṇṇā acciyo honti.
Multi-coloured flames on the body of Aṅgirasa. DPPN: a name applied to the Buddha several times in the Piṭakas ... Buddhaghosa says that “it means emitting rays of various hues from the body” ... It is, however, well-known that, according to Vedic tradition, the Gautamas belong to the Aṅgirasa tribe (see Vedic Index: Gotama); the word, as applied to the Buddha, therefore, is probably a patronymic, in which case we have another example of a Kṣatriya tribe laying claim to a brāhmaṇa Gotra.02

Pattamhi odahitvā, Ahināgaṁ brāhmaṇassa dassesi:
After putting (him) in his bowl, he showed the Snake-Dragon to the brāhmaṇa, (saying):

“Ayaṁ te Kassapa Nāgo pariyādinno assa tejasā tejo” ti.
“This is your Dragon, Kassapa, his psychic power was overcome by (my) power.”

Atha kho Uruvelakassapo jaṭilo
Then the yogi Uruvelakassapa

Bhagavato iminā iddhipāṭihāriyena abhippasanno Bhagavantaṁ etad-avoca:
convinced by this psychic miracle of the Gracious One, said this to the Gracious One:

“Idheva Mahāsamaṇa vihara ahaṁ te dhuvabhattenā.” ti
“Live right here, Great Ascetic, I (will give) a constant supply of food to you.”

Paṭhamaṁ Pāṭihāriyaṁ
The First Miracle (is Finished)