12: Bhadrāvudhamāṇavapucchā
The Young Man Bhadrāvudha’s Questions


“Okañjahaṁ taṇhacchidaṁ anejaṁ, icc-āyasmā Bhadrāvudho,
“The home-leaver, the craving-cutter, the unmoved one, said venerable Bhadrāvudha,

nandiñjahaṁ oghatiṇṇaṁ vimuttaṁ,
the enjoyment-leaver, the flood-crosser, the free one,

kappañjahaṁ abhiyāce sumedhaṁ,
the speculation-leaver, the intelligent one - (him) I beg,

sutvāna Nāgassa apanamissanti ito. [126 (1101) 12-1]
after hearing the Strong One, they will go away from here.


Nānā janā janapadehi saṅgatā,
Various people have come from the countries,

tava vīra vākyaṁ abhikaṅkhamānā,
and are waiting for your saying, O hero,

tesaṁ tuvaṁ sādhu viyākarohi,
you must explain (the Teaching) properly to them,

tathā hi te vidito esa Dhammo.” [127 (1102) 12-2]
for this Teaching has been understood by you.”


“Ādānataṇhaṁ vinayetha sabbaṁ, Bhadrāvudhā ti Bhagavā,
“You must remove all attachment to craving, Bhadrāvudha, said the Fortunate One,

uddhaṁ adho tiriyañ-cāpi majjhe,
above, below, and across the middle,

yaṁ yaṁ hi lokasmiṁ upādiyanti
for with whatever they are attached to in the world,

ten' eva Māro anveti jantuṁ. [128 (1103) 12-3]
with just that Māra follows a man.


Tasmā pajānaṁ na upādiyetha
Therefore knowing (this), the mindful monk should

bhikkhu sato kiñcanaṁ sabbaloke,
not be attached to anything in the whole world,

ādānasatte iti pekkhamāno,
seeing that with what is called attachment to clinging,

pajaṁ imaṁ Maccudheyye visattan”-ti. [129 (1104) 12-4]
these people are clinging to the realm of Death.”

Bhadrāvudhamāṇavapucchā niṭṭhitā
The Young Man Bhadrāvudha’s Questions are Finished