7-7: Papañcakkhayasuttaṁ (67)
The Discourse about the Destruction of Diversification

Evaṁ me sutaṁ:
Thus I heard:

ekaṁ samayaṁ Bhagavā Sāvatthiyaṁ viharati,
at one time the Gracious One was dwelling near Sāvatthī,

Jetavane Anāthapiṇḍikassa ārāme.
in Jeta's Wood, at Anāthapiṇḍika's monastery.

Tena kho pana samayena Bhagavā
Then at that time the Gracious One

attano papañcasaññāsaṅkhāpahāṇaṁ paccavekkhamāno nisinno hoti.
was sitting reflecting on his own giving up of signs of conceptual diversification.

Atha kho Bhagavā attano papañcasaññāsaṅkhāpahāṇaṁ viditvā,
Then the Gracious One, having understood his own giving up of signs of conceptual diversification,

tāyaṁ velāyaṁ imaṁ udānaṁ udānesi:
on that occasion uttered this exalted utterance:

“Yassa papañcā ṭhiti ca natthi,
“He for whom there is no diversification and persistance,

Sandānaṁ palighañ-ca vītivatto,
Who has transcended the tether and the obstacle,

Taṁ BJT reads taṁ taṁ here, against the metre, when the second taṁ is not read in the Commentary, and is not needed for the sense. ChS as here.01 nittaṇhaṁ muniṁ carantaṁ,
The sage who lives without craving,

Nāvajānāti sadevako pi loko” ti.
Is not despised by the world and its devas.”