Most Ardhasamavtta metres, however, do not in fact have the same amount of syllables in each line, but consist of 10 & 11 syllables, 11 & 12 syllables, and so on, which are then repeated to make up the verse.

By extending the method given above we can include them here, so for instance, the following Ardhasamavtta metres have been found in the prosodies consulted:


from the 10 & 11 syllablic Ardhasamavtta table:

352,431. −⏑⏑⏑−⏑−⏑−−¦¦−−−⏑⏑−⏑−⏑−−Bhadravirāj (ChŚā, VR) Bhaddavirāja (Vutt)
448,732. ⏑⏑−⏑⏑−⏑⏑−−¦¦−⏑⏑−⏑⏑−⏑⏑−−Vegavatī (ChŚā, VR) Vegavatī (Vutt)
481,516. ⏑⏑−⏑−⏑⏑⏑−−¦¦−⏑⏑−⏑−⏑⏑⏑−−Ketumatī (ChŚā, VR, Vutt)
707,932. ⏑⏑−⏑⏑−⏑−⏑−¦¦⏑⏑−−⏑⏑−⏑−⏑−Lalitā (VR fn), Sundarī (VR fn)


from the 11 & 12 syllablic Ardhasamavtta table:

1,800,631. −⏑⏑−⏑⏑−⏑⏑−−¦¦⏑⏑⏑⏑−⏑⏑−⏑⏑−−Drutamadhyā (ChŚā, VR), Dutamajjhā (Vutt)

2,996,956. ⏑⏑−⏑⏑−⏑⏑−⏑−¦¦⏑⏑⏑−⏑⏑−⏑⏑−⏑−Hariṇaplutā (ChŚā, VR, Vutt)

2,849,472. ⏑⏑⏑⏑⏑⏑−⏑−⏑−¦¦⏑⏑⏑⏑−⏑⏑−⏑−⏑−Aparavaktra (ChŚā, VR), Aparavatta (Vutt)


from the 12 & 13 syllablic Ardhasamavtta table:

5,593,771. −⏑−⏑−⏑−⏑−⏑−⏑¦¦⏑−⏑−⏑−⏑−⏑−⏑−−Yavamatī (ChŚā, VR, Vutt)

5,698,240. ⏑⏑⏑⏑⏑⏑−⏑−⏑−−¦¦⏑⏑⏑⏑−⏑⏑−⏑−⏑−−Puṣpitāgrā (ChŚā, VR), Pupphitaggā (Vutt)