There follow some samples of mātrā tables (4 - 16 mātrā), the first one is important as it lists the shapes that are found in the gaṇacchandas metres (some other shapes are identified in the tables which follow).


4 Mātrā

  1. −− (sarvaguru)
  2. ⏑⏑− (sagaṇa)
  3. ⏑−⏑ (jagaṇa)
  4. −⏑⏑ (bhagaṇa)
  5. ⏑⏑⏑⏑ (sarvalaghu)

The only other gaṇa-s that occur in the gaṇacchandas metres is at the 6th gaṇa of a line, which sometimes is a single laghu (); and in the last gaṇa where a single guru () is usually found.