These examples are sufficient to outline the way the Mātrācchandas tables are built up. However the Mātrācchandas metres themselves, cannot be fitted in to this scheme, because although their cadences are fixed, their openings are relatively free. I therefore list here the varieties of Mātrācchandas metres I have come across in the prosodies.


Mātrācchandas metres


⏔⏔⏔¦−⏑−⏑−¦¦⏔⏔⏔⏔¦−⏑−⏑− (x 2) Vaitālīya (ChŚā, VR), Vetālīya (Vutt)

⏔⏔⏔¦−⏑−⏑−−¦¦⏔⏔⏔⏔¦−⏑−⏑−− (x 2) Aupacchandasaka (ChŚā), Aupacchandasika (ChŚā), Opacchandasaka (Vutt)

⏔⏔⏔¦−⏑⏑−−¦¦⏔⏔⏔⏔¦−⏑⏑−− (x 2) Āpātalikā (ChŚā, VR, Vutt)

⏑−⏑⏔¦−⏑−⏑−¦¦⏑−⏑⏔⏔¦−⏑−⏑− (x 2) Dakśiṇāntikā (VR), Dakkhiṇantikā (Vutt)

⏔⏔⏔¦−⏑−⏑−¦¦−⏑−⏑⏔¦−⏑−⏑− (x 2) Prācyavtti (ChŚā, VR), Paccavutti (Vutt)

⏑−⏑⏔¦−⏑−⏑−¦¦⏔⏔⏔⏔¦−⏑−⏑− (x 2) Udīcyavtti (ChŚā, VR), Udiccyavutti (Vutt)

⏑−⏑⏔¦−⏑−⏑−¦¦−⏑−⏑⏔¦−⏑−⏑− (x 2) Pravttaka (ChŚā, VR), Pavattaka (Vutt)

⏑−⏑⏔¦−⏑−⏑− (x 4) Cāruhāsinī (ChŚā, VR), Cārubhāsinī (Vutt)

−⏑−⏑⏔¦−⏑−⏑− (x 4) Aparāntikā (ChŚā, VR), Aparantikā (Vutt)