Search Programme for Metre Names and Outlines

You can use this search engine to find the name of a Samavutta metre (1 - 26 syllables only),
or you can enter a metre outline and find the name (use and , or 1 = light; 2 = heavy).
Diacritics can be entered, and partial names like Megh are allowed.



In order to limit the search you can enter a comma before and/or after an outline of a metre. So that typing 22 will turn up literally hundreds of metres; but typing ,22, (with a comma before and after) will only turn up one.

Similarly typing Matta will find the following 7 entries: Mattā, Mattamayūrā, Mattāsī, Mattavilāsinī, Mattakrīḍā, Mattāsamaka. But typing Matta, (with the comma) will only find the one metre Mattā.