One: Scansion and Related Matters


1.17 Symbols

In the descriptions that follow these conventions are used:

= a light syllable

= a heavy syllable

= light or heavy

× = the syllable may be naturally light or heavy, but it is always taken as heavy

= one heavy or two light syllables

= one light or one heavy or two light syllables

= one light, one heavy & one light, or two heavy syllables

⏓⏑⏒ = two light syllables & one heavy, or one heavy & two light syllables


Sarabhatti vowels are normally written in superscript e.g. ariya

Resolution is indicated by green text and underlining, thus: ⏑⏑

A single vertical line ¦ marks off the main structural segments within a line (the opening, the break, & the cadence). Note that sometimes in the literature on the subject segments and pādayugas are separated by the use of a comma.01

In the metrical markings above the verses in the Siloka metre the pādas (lines) are separated by a double vertical line thus: ¦¦ .