Two: Description of the Metres


2.13 Āpātalikā (a.k.a. Vegavatī)

 This metre has 14 measures in the odd lines, and 16 in the even, as with Vetālīya, but with a different cadence: −⏑⏑−×. In the Canon the most common forms of the odd lines:



the even lines:



We sometimes find syncopation producing different patterns in the opening of these lines.

When it attains to its Classical form, it is then known as Vegavatī, and is restricted to:


−⏑⏑−⏑⏑¦−⏑⏑−×   (x2)

Examples: Kokāliyasutta (part) Sn III:10; Vangīsa's gāthās (pt) Th 1214 - 1222, the latter gāthās being mixed with Vetālīya.

Example from Kokāliyasutta (Sn III:10) (vs 673):   

Asipattavanaṁ pana tiṇhaṁ,

taṁ pavisanti samacchidagattā,

jivhaṁ baḷisena gahetvā,

āracayāracayā vihananti.