Three: The Mixing of Metres


3.3 Vetālīya, Opacchandasaka, & Āpātalikā

These metres, being built around the same structural principle, are quite frequently mixed, though with the first two it seems that the rule is that Vetālīya should appear in the odd lines, and Opacchandasaka in the even (though there may be one or two counter-examples to this cf. Dhp 344 & Sn 527). With Vetālīya and Āpātalikā there appears to be no particular rule about line order, perhaps because their mattā count is the same.

Examples: Vetālīya & Opacchandasaka - Dhaniyasutta Sn I:2; Sabhiyasutta Sn III:6 (part: 510-540); Vetālīya & Āpātalikā from Vangīsa's gāthās Th 1214-1222.