Three: The Mixing of Metres


3.5 Conclusion

This then concludes our outline of the metres in the Pāḷi Canon and their usage, but that is far from the end of the work that remains to be done in this field. We still do not have comprehensive analyses of all the metrical texts, particularly in regard to the later compositions like Vv, Pv, Ap, Bv, & Cp. And upto now we know very little about Pāḷi verse composition in post-canonical times, where we can find a whole library of works composed in verse according to Classical norms. These include the various Chronicles pertaining to the history of the Sāsana; the verse Summaries of the Vinaya, Dhamma, & Abhidhamma composed by Ven. Buddhadatta and others; and the late Medieval lives of the Buddha, composed in a mixture of ornate metres.

The student who is interested in the Pāḷi language and its development can be assured therefore that there is still much yet to discover and contribute in this area, and there is still much room for original research to be carried out in the area of Pāḷi metrical composition.